Workshop Dates 2018

Winter - TBA

Spring - TBA

Summer - TBA

Autumn - TBA


A brief overview ::

2 short guided meditations for grounding and integrating

Introduction to Seasonal Wellness:
Yin/Yang & The Wheel of the Year

Seasonal Energies :
Elements & Environmental Influences

Plants for Seasonal Support :
Herb & Spices for wellness

Hands on part of the workshop:
Tea Blending
Spice Blending
Herbal Oil Infusion & Body scrub 

Our body, mind, and spirit flow with the energies of nature. As we observe and experience seasons in nature around us, we experience them within as well.

In this workshop we dive in to the seasons within and discover how our body, our mind, and our spirit tune in to the natural energy flow of the world around us and how that is expressed through our health and wellness.

Combining concepts of traditional chinese medicine, and wild wellness we are introduced to the possibilities of thriving health all through the year. We will discover herbs, foods, and practices to incorporate into your life that nourish your being in its present condition.

In this workshop we will not only be discussing the following themes and information but we will also be making products to take home and incorporate into our wellness routines for the season!