To Live Consciously is to Live Through Intention 

The Conscious Apothecary is rooted in the intentions of ::

Unconditional Love | Thriving Wellness | Connectedness With Nature + Self

To spread the energy of these intentions the Apothecary facilitates::
Community Supported Wellness | Botanical Alchemy |  Conscious Living

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Katie Adelia Marquez ::

A student of nature and spirit since she first buried her nose in the flowers as a child, Katie follows the path of Botanical Alchemist, craftin plant and mineral rituals for wellness, self awareness, and divine connection.

 Katie believes that by living consciously through intentions we connect with our highest truth and purpose, allowing love to be freely experienced in the world around us. It is her ultimate goal and purpose to help others experience and spread unconditional love on a deep and soulful level by connecting with Spirit and Nature.

" I remember making herb salads filled with chives, rosemary, greens, and flower petals as a child in the backyard while playing shipwreck in the Cottonwood Tree, and making magic dream bundles with spices from the kitchen cabinet.  Our imaginations were our stories and nature our playground. Growing up I realized that those stories held the key to my heart. Not just a childhood playground, Nature fills my entire world, seeping into every way of my life. The same magic that filled my games and fantasies as a child fuels my passion for the world around me today. 

There is a certain magical/spiritual/divine quality in witnessing the beauty of nature and all its wonderfully woven energies.  It is the times in which we are most present with these moments do we have true moments of deep clarity. Answer the call of the mountains, the rivers, and the forests and show up to witness their wisdom.

I answer that call and learn from wisdom of nature through Botanical Alchemy and Tea.  It's my creative passion, my art form. Working with plants is how I connect to spirit, how I pray, meditate, and set intentions in my life. It is my entrance to working with the magic of nature. From seed to cup, the way of plants is the song of my soul. "

Katie Adelia Marquez