Alchemaia Tea Collection

Alchemaia Tea Collection


A collection of seven tea blends crafted to infuse the body mind and spirit with the transformative energies of botanical alchemy.  Each tea addresses one of the seven major energy centers in the body. This collection opens one to an aware and embodied wholistic tea practice.

Blend I (Nurturer) Dandelion + Burdock + Cinnamon + Raspberry Leaf
Ground deeply into your roots to anchor body and energy within the safeguard of a strong foundation and support system.


Blend II (Lover) Ginger + Damiana + Vanilla + Raspberry Leaf
Ignite passion within your creative center to excite the desires of body, mind, and spirit in abundant harmony


Blend III (Sun) Calendula + Chamomile + Fennel + Raspberry Leaf
Shine luminously from your inner light to radiate the glow and joy of natural fully expressed beauty


Blend IV (Mother) Elderflower + Rose + Tulsi + Raspberry Leaf
Expand limitlessly from the core of your heart to fill the body, mind, spirit, and space with the divinity of unconditional love


Blend V (Teacher) Peppermint + Licorice Root + Elderberry+ Tulsi
Sing clearly through your entire being to express vulnerably, authentically, and share the wisdom of the heart


Blend VI (Moon) Mugwort + Cardamom + Meadowsweet + Tulsi
Gaze beyond the seen through the depths of truly perceiving to open the mind and spirit to the endless possibilities


Blend VII (Spirit) Lavender + Skullcap + Lemon balm +Tulsi
Elevate awareness within and without to fully expand love’s potential for transformation and realization of the highest self

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