Botanical Alchemy | Alchemaia | Alchemy of Gaia

The Goddess Gaia teaches love, wisdom, abundance, and health, through all her divine botanical creations. We learn from her and honor her by developing intimate relationships with the natural world around us and interacting with plants in our daily lives. 

Alchemaia combines the deeply intuitive relationship between body, mind, spirit, and Gaia with the alchemy of tea and ritual. 

Through this practice we invoke the elements and invite the transformative energy of alchemy to flow. Within this flow botanicals are brewed through the spirit of Gaia.  By experiencing these botanicals, the Goddess opens the body, mind, and spirit to a thriving realm of the divine. In this realm we listen; with our body, heart, mind, soul, to awaken the spirit of the highest self.

The Alchemaia is a gift to us from Goddess Gaia to open and transform our mind + Body + Spirit. Through Conscious Teas and Ritual offerings we are able to work closely and deeply with Gaia's spirit to work magic and miracles in our everyday life.

To brew a pot of tea is to invoke the elements to flow within, opening a container for alchemy to move and transform. We call in the element of Earth to provide us with botanical teachers and energy guides to map our Alchemaia journey. We call in the element of Water to provide us with a sacred chemical and energetic vessel to be infused with our intentions and blessings. We call in the element of Fire to bring forth the alchemical transformation of energy through the infusion of earth, water, and the creation of steam. We call in the element of air that whisper teachings among the tendrils of the steam as we breathe deeply the vapors arising from our cups. 

A cup of Conscious Tea is more than just simply a beverage. It is a self awakening, an energetic botanical education, a practice of self love and awareness, a spiritual conversation with Gaia herself. 


Honor the plants | Honor the process | Honor your body | Honor your space | Honor your spirit