Seasonal connections:: Vision of the Bee (Who is me)

To close out our final edition of seasonal connections is my dear friend and wise woman Katie Burke, offering a beautiful note to end this series!! Happy fall loves!! 


Working on my relationship with women has been a major theme of 2015 for me.  As a woman who was either working in a totally male dominated space, or amongst very competitive women, I was feeling ready to make space for female friendships rooted in trust and openness. 

I run my business online and consult with women who also run online businesses. Many of them writers, healers and wise women. It felt natural for me to start manifesting this desire for sisterly relationships online. So I joined a closed Facebook group and started to get to know some women. It was an intimate group of under 100 women so it was relatively easy to follow everyone’s life stories. It was refreshing to be a witness to women and only show up and not offer advice, but just be heard and say “I’ve been there. I hear you…” and not be offered up a Rumi poem as a salve to my sharing.

This year I had a first experience of going to a woman’s retreat in New York. Many of my clients and women from the group I had joined were going to be there. Meeting these women in person who I had bared my soul too in messages and chatterboxes was an enormous gift. As I was there soaking in the magic of the weekend I had a vision that brought me back to my garden.

In my garden I have a clearing of grass in between the trellis of cucumbers and my sunflower patch. Sometimes I sit and watch the bees move in their zig zag patterns from sunflower to sunflower. The sunflowers are special to me. They grow so fast and strong unlike any of the other plants or flowers I grow. My sunflowers are the Queens of the garden, watching protectively with their crowns of yellow petals. 

As I was at the retreat with these wise women, I had a vision of myself as the bee amongst the sunflower queens. I could feel the pull to move from woman to woman, soaking in her stories and being filled up with her feminine energy. The way I floated from woman to woman gaining the strength and tools I needed to go back to my home and build my safe place. Just as the bee, I have work to do with the gifts I’ve picked up on my journey. 

Women have the ability to offer such potent and healing nectar to other women. Some of us have forgot, but when you start working on it again, I promise you’ll remember the sweetness. A woman who has healed herself and offers healing to others is the best medicine on the planet. Whenever I see a sunflower I am reminded of that. 



Katie Burke is a visual marketing strategist and consultant for entrepreneurs and tastemakers who are ready to take their business from D.I.Y. to the designer marketplace. Katie works with clients to expand their online business to the next level.

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