Seasonal Connections:: Personal Seasons

Beneath the waters of your most primal wild; within the meridians that connect you to all that was, all that is and all that will be, your cyclical nature - an infinite, ageless and all knowing force - is ever flowing.

From the moment you are born, not only does this celestial force compass you until your soul chooses to take on a new vibrational pattern, but it contains more layers than the oldest tree has rings, and possess all the power of creation and destruction that you see reflected back to you through the wondrous, cyclical majesty of the Cosmos and Mother Earth.

Now as a fervently fierce seeker, seer and inspiress of the harmonious fusion of these cycles, Iʼm always looking to discover new and enchanting ways to co-create with the energies of the current season as a gateway to consciously descend deeper into the fruits of my own; and to support you in doing the same.

However. I must be forthright and reveal an exquisite tapestry of vulnerability in regards to this path which, over the last 2 years has become one of my greatest sources of ʻCosmic Liberationʼ....

You see, within the womb of each season, a unique medicine is alchmeized that, if you allow it, merges with your essence and current cycles to create a potent elixir of consciousness that holds the power to rouse you at the depths of your deepest; activate your next gateway of initiation, and trigger the manifestation of experiences that only your most feral imagination could conceive.

And yet, out of all the magnificence that Mother Earth becomes and has to offer each and every season, without fail, Summerʼs medicine is the cornucopia of creativity, growth, pleasure and fulfillment that I resist the most.

For even though I know her fire ceaselessly seeks to become one with my own; to scorch my rust clean and illuminate the way of my rising upon waves that would ripen me to receive the abundance that the thriving nature of Summer reveals is meant for me too....

The truth is.

Over time, Iʼve tempered myself to believe that the raw heat of Summer vibrates at a frequency that is beyond my sensory threshold, despite the fact that at the core of my being, I am her echo.

But hereʼs the thing.

Just as Mother Nature has her seasons, Cosmic One, so do you!

And even though the records of time and how we see those seasons of Earth manifest reveal a specific thread of ʻexperienceʼ that weʼre told we ʻshouldʼ, at some level be attuned and attuning ourselves to, the nature of our most intimate personal cycles (a seasonal flow that is revealed within our birthdate) donʼt always reflect that same energetic all the time. And for those souls who are so innately connected to the Earth, who share an unwavering multidimensional bond, the sonic silence that follows this seemingly sudden variance in flow can really take you by surprise.

And this is where myself (although my home is among the stars) and so many women despite the most wholehearted of intentions become entangled and lost trying to find our way ʻbackʼ with no Sun, no North Star, no familiar Earth Hum or Compass to guide us because weʼre now trying to meld our most potent and natural personal cycle(s) into an unnatural rhythm in search of something, anything we ʻknowʼ.

So rather than consciously channeling the passionate, adventurous and fiery energy of Summer in a way that would enhance the unique gifts that our current personal cycles have to offer, we ʻunknowinglyʼ manifest a resistance in our body and soul; and on the physical plane, an intricate labyrinth of experience that quite frankly, isnʼt necessary!

So Cosmic One, if you feel the spirit of winter, spring or autumn in your bones at this time, let that be and go with that flow first, so that the marrying of the Earths seasons to your own can happen with least effort and ultimate joy; for it is the sacred synthesis of different notes that create a truly untamed melody.

And while you can apply this to any season, rather than Summerʼs echo, know that in this moment, you are her aria - both of which, when embraced, can make even the most rock solid mountains sway and swoon to the undulating rhythms of your conjoined superlative sound.

As a transparent seer and inspiress of the Cosmic Liberation Path, Tara holds luminously seminal space as you navigate and soften the sharpness of your Galactic Edge, remember your Cosmic Legend and venture through invigorating points of no return into the fertile and mystical unknown.

If thereʼs one thing Tara knows for sure, itʼs that the embodiment of a womanʼs cyclical nature is the gateway to her most sacred source of overflow.

Which is why through her highly insightful, poetic and soul-stirring Shamanic AstroNumerology readings rooted in Ancient Egyptian Mythos, Tara facilitates the cyclical fusion within by rousing your primal connection to the magic and medicine within your personal cycles and the celestial bodies above.

(If anyone is interested, thereʼs a free 10 minute meditation, “EON ~ Alchemize Your Cosmic Legend” for download as well - )