Seasonal Connections:: Heartbeats

Tomorrow we bring in the Full Moon of June. As the seasonal cycle turns we are coming towards Summer's Sun. This spring is bringing so much Earth Energy to the surface as the plants grow and we are nourished by it's blossoming abundance.  For this Full Moon try an amazing way to connect to Mother Earth and this blossoming Spring, brought to you by the enchanting Lindsey "Little Feather" Holt is Heartbeats Earth Connection Ritual !!




Earth Connection Ritual

This simple ritual will assist you with feeling the protective and supportive  love Mother Earth has for you. Allow it to open you up to receiving the nurturing soul support you need at any transition in your life. 

Be sure to allow for some skin to earth contact.

A magical transference of electrons happens from skin to earth contact. These brilliant earth rooted electrons are some of the most potent antioxidants known to (wo)man. Best part, they are free. 

Let’s begin...

  • Lie down on the ground – on your back or stomach, which ever is more comfortable.
  • Breathe deeply – in for 4 counts, pause. Out for 4 counts. Pause. Repeat for several minutes until the warmth of calm blankets your entire being.
  • As you become quiet and relaxed, listen for the heartbeat of the earth coming into you from the center of the planet.
  • Notice how you are feeling. Take in this generous love of Mother Earth.
  • Relax into this space, Mother Earth will not let you go. Be open and receiving to her love and support.
  •   Feel your hearts beat as one.


As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without 

Happy Spring!


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