Seasonal Connections :: Honoring the Shadow | Shifting into the Light

For the march feature of the Seasonal Connections Blog Series we have an inspiring post from Valerie Ann the Sunset Warrior! ~~~

Here in the northern hemisphere, those of us cooped up by the gusty winds of winter are welcoming the first sights of spring. With the Vernal equinox right around the corner being ushered in with a total-eclipse super new moon, the winds of change are being felt by many.

 Getting in tune with the rhythms of our being is something that we can follow cyclically through the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and our own personal flow. Each of us finds our own intuitive way to connect with these cycles, and I find for me that I enjoy working with the energies of crystals and cards to assist me on my journey. Using these allies as tools for reflection and introspection, I find myself recognizing my shadow side as we seasonally move towards the light.

For me, the beginning of any season marks a time when I am renewing the energy of my sacred space. You will find me honoring the spring by cleaning and clearing the excess from my meditation room, reorganizing the flow with a selection of new images, crystals, and elements from our mother earth. I find that in order to release the dusty cobwebs of my emotional body, I must first do so in my physical environment.

Once I have my space re-energized, I sit down with my allies and begin the introspective process. One by one I will pull cards, asking guidance for this time of change. Questions that I will ask include:

                  *What do I need to know at this time in my life?

                  *What changes am I resisting as I move forward?

                  *What is the state of my current energy? What is the energy I am moving towards?

                  *What is it that I am leaving behind? What energy no longer serves me?

The questions that I find most difficult, yet rewarding, are often those regarding my shadow self. My identity as Sunset Warrior was born from the belief that our shadow sides, the parts of our being that often harbor what we think of as our “negative” qualities, are nothing to fear. We are equal parts of light and dark in this respect, and what better time than now, when we are approaching a day of nearly equal light and dark, to honor this same balance within ourselves?

  For those of you with a current relationship or practice to the cards, consider asking the following questions:

                     *What emotion am I nurturing that is born out of fear or pain?

                     *What aspect of my psyche do I refuse to acknowledge?

                     *What negative thought pattern or habit do I need to release?

There will be an opportunity further down in this post for an activity of this kind to start you off on this journey, but first I want to highlight the benefit of this work.

The brilliant part of honoring and recognizing your shadow side, is that for a moment in time (however brief), you were able to illuminate and integrate it into your current being. Those things that we recognize and are aware of begin to lessen their grip and control on our life, and a simple act of awareness of these aspects of ourselves can open gateways to journeys of healing. Very simple, we can integrate and transmute these shadow sides so that they are no longer in control, no longer run by fear or pain.

One of the ways I do this is through recognition and intention-setting. Should you feel called to, consider taking one of the cards that you pulled in response to your earlier questions. With whatever earth elements you feel drawn to, set up a formation or grid around the card in your sacred space. Imagine yourself transforming the negative aspect of that card into a positive interpretation. I find that journaling my thoughts on the meaning of this card before and after this process can lend some helpful intuitive insights and allow me to set intentions for my day, week, and month ahead. 

However this process looks for you, take the time to be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself space to step away from any of these activities, and make room for any emotions or memories that may come up in this process. Remember, this is about renewal, and to welcome in the new we must gently shed the old.

To jumpstart your journey, choose a card from this image that resonates with you most:

Click the image to reveal the message coming to you this spring!

Sunset Warrior is valerie ann, a multi-faceted being who believes that the more we honor our cracks and fissures, the more we recognize the light and darkness within. The idea behind Sunset Warrior is to integrate the various pieces of life – spirituality, mentality, emotion, and physicality – into a focused and driven embodiment of dreams and desires. Through her craft, valerie ann calls forth the warrior in every Spirit in an effort to inspire movement of being, intention, and inspiration. Tarot readings offer individual directives and insight into present being and movement into Next. She shares a communication with the earth, reading and listening to the healing properties of crystals and stitching them together into a unique and personal patchwork cloak.

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