Seasonal Connections :: New Moon Intentions

It's a new year, and today we have a wonderful new edition of the Seasonal Connections blog series from the lovely Grace Libby from Libby's Urban Homestead

It’s January. It’s Winter. It’s a New Moon.

For me this is a time for setting intentions and embracing the long winter days, yet preparing for Spring, tucking in and getting cozy, nourishing my body, finding ways to nourish my soul and connecting to nature during a time when the earth is mostly in hibernation. Even in this perceived perpetual Autumn I live in here in the SF Bay Area the world around me has moved from Autumn into Winter -- the days are cool and the nights are chilled so that I am guided to light my wood burning stove for warmth. The fire warms my body and my soul and it is a reminder of the soul work that I need to focus on. There’s POWER in the fires of Winter and in that power I find inspiration to see the fire within.

Each season I do a magickal craft to help me set my intentions. For example, in Autumn I created prayer bundles with twine, fabric and magickal herbs that supported my desired intention and as I tied each bundle I spoke my intentions aloud. On this January New Moon I’m setting my intentions for the coming year while finding ways to nourish my body and soul. This Winter Season (and to support my intentions for the entire year) I have begun weaving. It’s a completely new skill for me and I’m relishing my limited time at the loom. With 3 month and 3 year old daughters, finding time to be creative is a difficult yet necessary task and since finding the time is so difficult I appreciate it even more. As I weave, I say a mantra and the mantra is woven into the tapestry. I’ve even begun to write my intentions on strips of fabric to weave into my creations. When these are hanging on my walls I am reminded of my goals, my desires, my intentions. I don’t try to remember the mantra itself, but am looking to create a reminder of my intention setting. The New Moon is the perfect time to create and set intentions as the moon phase supports growth and building energy toward that intention. Now is the time for new beginnings so today of all days I will set the tone for what I want to see in my life this coming year. For me that means health, creativity, order and love.

I’ll be spending this week of the new moon very intentionally making and living my life in the ways I want to move through the year. This means taking real action. To get the momentum to move forward I must actually do the work. So today has been spent creating Elderberry/Ecchinecea Syrup, Elderberry Dyed Cotton Fabric for future crafting and weaving, refreshing my altar space, list making, and of course spending quality time with my family. I’m maniacally obsessed with Magickal Correspondences. I ADORE them. I feel that by using correspondences I am supporting my own intentions and energy by creating reminders of my desires, even if the reminders are on a cellular level or purely metaphysical. A connection to a scent that pulls up memory, or an herb that has specific physical healing properties or a feather from a bird that I have a deep soul connection with. This is how I make magick. This is how I create altars. I use my intuition (and sometimes my pendulum) to guide me. I TRUST myself and my intuition when choosing herbs, candles, oils, art, etc for magickal work. My intuition is all I need and correspondences support my intuition.

My New Moon Ritual this month is a day spent in intention where I’ve tied every aspect of my day together to support my desires. Everything, including writing this blog post, supports my health and creativity. Everything I’ve done, and will do, today supports finding order in my life.

I started my day on a brisk walk with my family and I admired the chill in the early morning winter air as I walked. When we arrived home I conjured up a bubbling pot of Elderberry/Echinacea Syrup (you can find the recipe here). I reserved the pulp from the syrup to use to dye some cotton fabric from my stash and I can hardly wait for this fabric to finish soaking up the elderberry love so that I can use it in my next weaving! My family is all cozy in the living room painting with watercolors as I craft away in the adjoining kitchen and the smell in here is warm and sweet from the syrup reducing on the stove. I’ve lit the New Moon candle on my altar which lives in my kitchen/living room. I spent the previous evening refreshing the altar, removing the yule decorations, dusting it, switching out gemstones from my collection and deliberately choosing items to display that I felt support my intentions for the season. Now I am preparing to start a nourishing meal of warming curry and hearty potatoes for our supper and I will end my evening sharing a Lemongrass Ginger Tea with a full Tbs of my own Elderberry Syrup with my three year old daughter. The tea will support our overall immune health and nourish our bodies, and sharing the experience while cuddled together watching a movie will nourish our souls.

A ritual created around love, creativity, nature and a humble little berry.

I hope you see the correspondences and connections and can use my example as a way of creating living breathing fluid ritual in your own life. Because magick and ritual don’t have to be a challenge. LIVING in intention and TRUSTING your intuition are the keys to magick in my little world.

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