Seasonal Connections :: Eat Like a wise woman

Welcome to another feature of our year long seasonal connections blog series! Winter is almost upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, and food is one of the staple ways we transition into the season. We have been warming up with lots of squashes, warm stews, and tons of spices. This month we have another post centered around food connections from the ever so lovely Beth Katherine! 

Over the course of my journey into spirituality and wellness, I’ve been introduced to many different models of what health looks like and feels like.

The two most prominent models of health, as it pertains to diet, that have affected my journey come from the raw food movement, and tradition of the wise women.

The raw food movement is an exciting conversation that speaks of the importance of consuming raw fruits and veggies, while adding certain superfoods to the diet (like maca and spirulina for example) for the ultimate in nutrition. One of the pioneers of this movement is author, speaker and nutritionist David Wolfe, who is an avid proponent of eating mostly or all raw foods as the secret to longevity and energy. I had the opportunity to spend some time at David’s farm in Kauai last year, and through first hand experience, got to know what the raw food lifestyle was all about.

Though I adored many of the teachings, and could honestly say that it felt great to eat so many raw foods - juices, smoothies, salads, and the like, I couldn’t help but miss bread terribly.

And my longing for bread turned out to be a metaphor - it was really a longing for a more grounded approach to foods.

While at the farm, I picked up a copy of The Wise Women’s Herbal, by Susun Weed.

This book completely changed my perspective on everything health + diet.

In the book, Susun introduced a more holistic approach to the diet - one that was in tune with our ancestors, and the wisdom of archetypes like the crone, (the oldest women in triple goddess representations, who represents death and transformation).

It was through this literature that I realized, there is absolutely nothing wrong with cooked food. To the contrary, when we eat seasonally, especially those of us who live in colder climates (like myself, writing this to you from Canada) - our diet will vary, yet in the fall and winter seasons, it will be filled with warmed foods - roasted root veggies and squashes, soups filled with lentils, and warming spices like ginger and cinnamon.

When we eat seasonally, we are coming back to the diet that closely resembles our ancestors. So this season, look back into your history, and into your current geography - what were your ancestors eating around this time, what were the native peoples eating?

Make an effort to introduce those foods into your diet now, which will reactivate your body’s ancient rhythms, and bring you closer to the earth mother.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, now is not the time to be doing raw cleanses, or having a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, and more raw food at dinner (unless of course, your body is begging for such things, then listen).

Now is the time for nourishing soups and broths, root veggies, seasonal fruits like apples and pears, and a willingness to slow down and digest these foods in a wholer way. This in itself can be truly detoxifying and nourishing all at once.

Summer has gone, fall is deeply here. Let us honour that, and not forget the ways in which we ate when we relied on the earth around us for nutrition, and not the grocery store. Although these are modern times, and our diet will undeniably reflect that, we will always feel more whole and more nourished when we can come back to our rhythms - when we can come back to the ways of the wise women.

So grab your root veggies, your local fruits, and let us rejoice in the tastes of the season!

Beth Katherine is a young mystic, author, and teacher, living off the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

She conveys the message that we are lightworkers, and have come to give help, love, and light to this planet. Through intuitive coaching, blogs, v-logs, and free online trainings, she helps young women who are on a spiritual path to get their healing gifts out into the world.

Beth is also a passionate lover of the environment, and serves as an ambassador for the global organization, Women for Whales.

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